Transform Your Life – Destroy the Crippling Source of Stress

Stress can come from many sources. When stress, no matter how moderate becomes constant and long-term, an individual may suffer from burnout. Stress continues to be the precursor of major physical illnesses making it the most important topic to be discussed in terms of health.

Today, most life management courses and programs are focused on stress management. To truly transform your life, you need to achieve psychological flexibility and not simply tolerance to stress. You see, stress can be good when it is mild to relatively moderate, it can help you become more productive and alert.

But long-term and constant stress can flood your system with stress hormones that can lead to physical health risks. What are the sources of stress and how does one overcome them?

Let us go through the 6 major sources of stress and discuss simple ways of overcoming each.

1. Environmental Stress

Factors within your current environment can be the leading source of stress in your life. Living next to a noisy street for example can induce stress, especially if you are not used to it.

People who came from smaller towns and pursue their careers in bigger and busier cities are often sufferers or environmental stress. Further, this can result to avoidance behavior causing the person to turn to medications, alcohol and habits just to cope.

Our minds can be trained to adapt to its current environment without having to go through a long period of adjustment. If you are used to peace and quiet and life demands have you stay somewhere you are not used to.

You may use Eutaptics tapping technique to calm your mind and be more at peace to your current environment.

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2. Social Stress

Today, social stress is the major source of stress in people’s lives. The advent of technology offering and advocating on social media can easily stir negative emotions. Habits formed around use of social media sites and apps are becoming more psychologically destructive more than contributing to convenience.

Unnecessary social interactions and relationships can be very stressful and fill your day with tension. But we often exposed to news and updates that only provokes negative emotions.

Break free from social stress, shield yourself from unnecessary interactions by allocating alone time without technology. For some, meditation helps, but even without the intent to meditate, just sitting alone in a peaceful space can do wonders in relaxation and calming the mind.

When you feel the urge of doing something else, learn how to tap impatience and negative thoughts away. Tapping using Eutaptics is a proven technique that helps in collapsing negative mental patterns that causes stress.

3. Organizational Stress

More often, this type of stress is discussed under the category or environmental and social stress. But in reality, the subject of stress is quite broad and complex and it warrants a greater detail in terms of discussion.

Organizational stress is the type of stress experienced when employed or engaged in an organization. Keeping up with the demands at work can cause mental strain.

Since work is an ongoing process. It means that exposure to what your mind perceive as stressors are also ongoing. It can quickly lead to burnout because of how constant exposure. Break from the cycle of stress at work, learn how to stop burnout before it kills you.

Faster EFT is a very effective process that can change our perception about things that constantly bothers you. Praised by psychotherapists as one the best life and stress management modality. It can help you hack through the mind and destroy the crippling source of stress.

4. Physiological Stress

Physiological stress relates to how your body forms a reaction to stressful situations. Usually, physiological stress is an automatic stress response signaled by the mind. To overcome physiological stress responses, one must understand the underlying cause of it.

In Eutaptics belief system, any stress response has its roots within the mind with its origins from memories being used as reference of whether a situation is safe, neutral or negative. When the body is in constant use of stress response even to neutral situations, it can be debilitating.

That is why it is important to reimprint these memories where the structure of stress response is being drawn from. Memory reimprinting is a highly-specialized process that can change your perception about things and promote growth without having to be fearful, stressed and isolated.

5. Psychological Stress

Psychological stress how you rationalize and provide meaning to stress, hassles and worries. It is the major source of most kinds of stress. Emotional and mental stress involves feelings and emotions drawn from the memories held within our deeper consciousness that is being used by the mind to validate an existing experience.

To overcome psychological stress, it is important to note and understand the values we ascribe to memories. For our memories are carrier of emotions at varying intensities. In Eutaptics memory reimprinting, these emotions can be released so that the memories will no longer be actively used by the mind as reference to formulate a reaction for incoming experiences. In other words, it can set you free from feeling stressed on life matters that are basically just part of living.

6. Significant Events Stress

When critical events or incidents happen in our lives it can cause extreme stress. The feeling of excitement caused by the event can lead for us to store the memory of the event as implicit. Not all signigicant events can cause bad stress. For example, surprises during birthdays or announcement of engagement can be said to be good kind of stress.

When we are highly excited, there is a significant increase of glutamate causing the mind to record the event simultaneously across the cortex of the brain, hence becoming long-term memory or implicit memory. In cases of horror, terror or fearsome events, this type of mental programming may aggravate normal psychological functions and the event may be used by the mind to produce reactions that leads to PTSD, anxiety and others.

Traumatic Stress Response can go on for years even after an event. To reframe traumatic memories, it is essential to reimprint each contributing factor and not only address the triggers. Eutaptics holds a complete understanding on how the emotions carried by traumatic memories can be released. Get started today, click here.

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