Cynthia Kelly- Delaware

Hi Robert, I have suffered from severe migraine headaches most of my life. I am over 40 years old. I was on YouTube & some how one of your videos came up & I listened. I have used accupuncture to lift my migraines for about 3 years. I was so happy to find that I can tap & get pretty much the same results. I’ve been battling a migraine for 3 day now. I’ve been tapping many times each day & although the headache didn’t completely lift – it definitely was not at a migraine level. I know those that have suffered migraines know the difference between a headache (pain level 5) & migraine (pain level 10+) I\’m so glad that I have this tool to help me with this battle. I am a Christian woman who believes in the power of prayer but was still looking for more solutions. I don’t think it was a coincidence that I found you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing this much needed resource & for all that you do. Peace & blessings to you & the work that you do to help others. You are a blessing. Cynthia

Leslie- Laverkin, UT

I have been watching your videos on youtube on buttons, and all of a sudden I became nearly hysterical started yelling out loud describing my mother’s emotions at my birth and my grandmothers who raised me, I started crying and becoming very physically distressed, rapid heart, unable to breath, yelling, crying and then started to tap I didn’t understand your comment about tap until you have peace or pass out I nearly did pass out, I became very weak and disorientated but I kept tapping somehow I knew this was a biggy, one of those core issues, I finally calmed down not sure I really got to peace but know where to go back and do more work, also realize this is a force that has influenced (negatively) my whole life and caused so much pain, there is no way way for me to express my gratitude and thanks.

Jaci, Central Valley- CA

Hi Robert – It has been several years since I became a certified FasterEFT Practitioner. It has changed my life completely. You were an intrical part of my true mission in life. I don’t have a website I work completely from referrals so I don’t have a full sched all the time but it is perfect for me. My business card says “Healing myself and helping others along the way.” It’s so true. Because of you my past is comfortably in the past and 100’s of clients are at peace now and equipped with validating and tapping to “deweed their gardens.” Maybe in the spirit world I will finally be able to come to you and hug and thank you for all you have given me. Because of you, I AM AMAZING!! GOD BLESS YOU IN THIS GREAT WORK! Jaci :))

Tina- SW Florida

It’s been a while since I had a session with you, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to inform you of how I’m doing. I initially contacted you because I had a difficult time recovering from a relationship ending as well as a fear of dating again. Since then I have had two more relationships with men whom I got along with quite well, but it turned out after a period of time, they weren’t for me. When those ended I felt a whole lot less hurt and more like I walked away from the experiences learning something. I am still a work in progress in many ways, but I feel now like I can move forward in a positive, hopeful direction. Thank you for giving me hope and peace.

Julie Dawdy- PTA – What fibromyalgia?

I went to one of Robert’s weight control seminars, because I’d always felt like food controlled me rather than being in control of it. As a side benefit of going to see him and learning his techniques, I was able to use those techniques in other areas of my life, mainly for pain. Three years earlier I’d been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but had probably suffered from that disease since I was a young girl. With Robert’s help I’ve been able to rid myself of symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, depression (which had been a huge problem) and just general aches and pains. Now that I don’t suffer from these symptoms any longer, when people ask me how my fibromyalgia is doing I ask “What fibromyalgia?” Without the symptoms, I consider myself free of the disease. Before, I’d get migraine headaches and they’d have me down and out for a day or two. Now, I can go on and continue without having to worry about it. I use Robert’s techniques for any pain. Also, I work as a physical therapy assistant, and I’ve taught a number of my patients some of the techniques. It’s helped them with pain resulting from surgical procedures, injuries, headaches… basically any type of physical discomfort. Robert’s techniques have been life changing, not just for me but for my family and patients as well. Anyone who tries them and who really gives these techniques a chance will definitely see improvement.

Vinicius Franco- Brazil

Hello Robert!I know that you are so used to this that it don´t surprise you anymore… but… even though I will tell a little bit how I got my miracle from Eutaptics!! When I have the first contact to your youtube videos I thought… “Ohh… another man that changed the classic EFT just to call its own inovation!” but how far I was from the truth!! I discovered EFT 4 years ago and with it BSFF, Tap and Breathe, ZeroPoint, Zensight, etc etc etc. EFT and BSFF was the ones I had some success. I liked EFT better… so… I started working my problems of Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression just with it for better concentration. I never took pills for this problems cause I always knew it was a mind problem and even though, after a lot of tapping (A LOOOT) I had some success.. felt better… had overcome some issues… but the anxiety and depression was always there… was always a 3… I never could make it get lower… and I thought I get to the final point that I could get by myself… so… the next step was to continue it with a therapist.

Lack of money made me put it aside and even though EFT never truly left my life, I almost never used it… and when used… was never looking for true healing… was just a mechanic tapping without any considerable result. After all this said… Yesterday… I was BAD! I was depressed and my anxiety level was in the roof! Was a 15 (from the scale o-10) for days!! I wasn´t sleeping too much… my relashionships was a mess and I hated myself! And thanks God… I found you! 20 minutes of Eutaptics did what I wasn´t able to do with EFT in years! I didn´t know where the anxiety came… so I just aimed to the feeling… see where it was in my body… and started… soon a memory of my childhood came and I shifted to it… then a lot of memories from my college years came (ones that I don´t even recalled) and I Eutaptics-ed them too… and… 20 minutes later… I´m changed!! In the end of my session I was euphoric!! I knew I did it! tomorrow was the best night of sleep of the year!! I even dreamed and I didn´t in a long long time!! So… besides my bad english…

I hope my testimonial would be helpful for those who don´t have the money for consultation but wants to heal with their own efforts! The process is simple… but it is necessary a little bit of practice to get the hang of it… how to work the images, sounds or feelings in a way that you stick with it until its solved and then move to the other one… but it is fast! It´s natural… 5 minutes of concentration is all you need!! So… give it a try and see for yourself!! Robert… you are not just another man bending the original protocol for personal promotion… you are the man who take EFT to another level!! The man who eliminated what wasnt need and added what was missing! People work in themselves and get 100% success is now a possibilitie! No more tracing aspects, being specific… just let your mind guide you in a natural and safe way!


Jim Stearns- N Syracuse,NY

Hello Robert, Thank you for sending me your 7 Day Quick Start Course . I have been doing the videos and tapping every day and reviewing them several times during the day just to keep them fresh in my mind I feel a change taking place within me that I never felt before . Truth is at our (fingertips) always , It just has to be recalled ,It’s so simple! I want to enroll in the home study course when it is available,I’m not able to go to the seminars at this time . I also found a practitioner about 3 miles from me (Go figure),I set up some appointments to star working with Eutaptics, she is very helpful and intuitive . I finally feel that I have made to that inner self that I have been searching for for many years . Again,thank you so much for your help and Wisdom. Be well, Jim Stearns

Violet S.-Tennessee

I can’t thank Robert enough. I had been studying and applying almost every healing modality in the book till I came across Eutaptics videos on YouTube. I decided to try it out and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Yesterday I tapped on the pain I felt not only after my divorce but during my entire marriage. I felt so deeply in love with him in spite of all the abuse. I had not been able to move on 2 years later. I loved him but he made me feel as if I were not good enough for him or for anything, as a total failure, which was deteriorating every area of my life. Now I just feel peaceful and much much lighter. I know that I’m healing because today I can write about it with a much more uplifting perspective, feeling compassion for him and for myself. I let go, released and let go…of all feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, inadequacy, of all humiliation, despise, abuse. I was sobbing as I heard his voice in my head, “I am sick of you, you disgust me”…great release! I was able to reframe it and to re imprint the memory. I was finally able to see where we were both operating from and then I was (finally!) able to (truly) forgive him and let him go. It worked wonders! Thanks you, thank you, thank you! I feel like a ton has been lifted from my shoulders.

A . L, US

I have already been so helped by your videos on YouTube. You are a real person and you keep it real—this is REALLY a powerful part of who you are, how healing works and — I hope you never change. You have generously sent your training course emails with video links. I intend to do the Training as soon as possible so I can help others. I feel a bit like Siddhartha, later known as ‘Buddha’ who left his home in a palace to try to learn a way to alleviate human suffering. In any small way I can do that for this world, thanks to your Eutaptics, I will….

Mark K.

I have been smoking for over forty years. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to quit. I tried everything from hypnosis, patches, gums, acupuncture and even therapy, I still smoked. I started smoking at twelve years old and now I am happy to say I am free. Robert, you did what everyone else couldn’t. Thank you for changing my life.

Rita Ibison- Fort Smith AR

June of 2011 found me lying in bed most of the day everyday. I could not find it within to drag myself up and out to face another day. Many health issues and financial issues had me locked into my own little prison. I could see no way out. I said a prayer one morning, while lying there with the covers over my head. I told God, I am turning 60 next year, my grandfather died at 96, his brother at 95, their father at 96, that shows me I have a potential to live 30 more years, and I don’t want to, not like this. Please let me out of here, I won’t commit suicide but please let me out of here, let me out of here, let me out of here, DO SOMETHING! Well he did SOMETHING, somehow I found Robert G Smith’s videos on Youtube. They were a Godsend. I could not get enough, I tapped daily, most days all day long. I wanted so badly to meet this man and have him tap on me. I don’t know how long it was before I looked down at the bottom of the screen and saw he had a website. I clicked on it and found he was in Oklahoma City, just 3 hours away from me. I booked a session with him. I walked away from that session in a state of euphoria which lasted 3 weeks, I was pain free for months. I bought the home study course and booked a training seminar and am going to the next training seminar in June 2012. My life has changed, I have changed and am still changing. I have released so much fear, that now I laugh at the thought. As my friends and generation are preparing for retirement, I am looking at creating a new life full of activity, a career in sharing this magnificent healing process with as many people as I can. I am so happy, even when things look bad, I am so optimistic now, when a year ago I was giving up. My health issues are not completely resolved but they are getting there. They are healing instead of getting worse. What a fantastic life I have now. Thank you Robert G Smith for Eutaptics. Gratefully, Rita Ibison

Bill Price-Portugal

I really love Robert’s no nonsense, both feet on the ground approach to EFT. I’ve been using acupressure and reflexology for some years with considerable success, and I thought I’d seen just about everything but faster eft effectively addresses the complex mental issues that are so often the root cause of physical disorders. His presentations are brilliant and he is a true innovator. Bill Portugal

Jamie C.-Oklahoma City

I had a dull headache at the back of my head for the past few years. I have taken daily at least 6 to 12 Tylenols to make the pain ease up some. But after he use the headache technique it was gone. And even now hours later the pain is still gone.


Before I went to Rob Smith, I was very skeptical. I really could not see how sharing my feelings with anyone else could help me. But at this point in my life I was willing to try anything for some relief from the pain of my childhood and years of abuse. I could not get rid of the anger that I felt inside for so long. It was like I was holding onto something that only continued to suffocate me as it did when I was a child. I needed to find some kind of relief, and that finally came once I spent 2 hrs of my time with Rob Smith. I have to admit, even after our session I was still unsure of my true feelings and how his session really benefited me. But the true test would be when I went home to visit my family, which live about a thousand miles away.

After visiting my family and then coming back home I realized the treatment I had received was truly amazing. Of course you never forget what happened, but you let go and don’t hold onto so much of your anger and sadness. It really changes how you view things in your life. By letting go of the past, other aspects of my life have changed as well. I believe this has given me a sense of peace I have never had before.

If there is anyone out there who feels they need some kind of counseling, I highly recommend visiting Rob Smith. It has truly made a difference in my life and it will in yours as well.

Gregory W. Harris

Being a Certified Practitioner in NLP, I thought I had learned all of the best tools available for change and personal power. I thought that until I met Rob Smith. Rob’s ability to combine such techniques as those in NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques is nothing less than stunning. After one short session I completely released a lifetime of negative emotions. Others who were present remarked I suddenly looked so relaxed that it appeared I had gone on a long vacation and just returned. All in a few minutes! They didn’t know the half of it! Maybe Rob should add the title of “travel agent” to his list of credentials! I highly recommend Rob Smith. If you don’t believe in miracles, you will! Gregory W. Harris, Attorney and Certified NLP Practitioner, Little Rock, AR

Anne-Marie- Toronto, Canada

Hello Robert and friends, I would like to testify that Eutaptics really works! I am in my infancy with this healing modality. I have watched all the YouTube videos so far and decided to try it on myself. My relationship with my husband was at best not great. We had lost most of our respect for each other. One day that I was hurt and angry with him, I ran into the bathroom and frantically tapped on myself. I went through deep sadness, anger and resentment. I must say that, to this day (almost 2 weeks ago) our relationship is much smoother. All the things that fed my resentment for him are not there anymore. Life is much lighter for both of us. I am even amazed at his change of attitude towards me! Incroyable (as we say in French).

Thank you Robert for having entered my life. The journey has just begun. How exciting!

Suzan Sullivan- McKinney, TX

After seeking many doctors and specialists for over 8 years, I found relief through FasterEFT. I no longer have Fibromyalgia or any of the symptoms associated with this so-called illness. I urge everyone I know to see Robert and to learn of this amazing tool of FasterEFT that gave me my life back! You can use it on anything! Many praises for Robert and his love for all.

Joel A.- Australia

Card received June 2, 2013:Dear Robert

I lost my wife, Rachel, at the beginning of this year as the result of a car accident. It pretty much felt like my life also came to an end. Life has been quite rough since, but you’ve not doubt heard all this before so I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

I’ve tried many things in my quest to heal emotionally. My state did improve relatively quickly, but there was always an undercurrent of heaviness and loss. I’m not sure what led me to finding your videos on YouTube, but I have now spent many hours watching them. And, after using your techniques, I now feel genuinely peaceful and happy. Remembering Rachel now makes me smile, and FasterEFT is “fixing” many other aspects of my life, too.

I can’t thank you enough. You are an amazing man and a real gift from God. I would love to shake your hand one day. So, thank you, Robert! And please keep doing what you’re doing because you’re undoubtedly making a huge, positive change in the world!

Sending peace, love and positive energy from Australia.

Kathy Hoffman

Hi Robert, I can’t stop saying how great your training DVD’s are!! I have been taking a class on hypnosis and NLP for almost a year and I have learned more watching just the first 4 DVD’s from the Mind of a Healer, than I have in the classes. You have a real gift for teaching. You have a wonderful sense of humor and kindness that comes across on the DVD’s. It’s easy to see how much you really care. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Fiona Jack- Toronto, Ontario

I have never made a testimonial before so I will try to make it brief. I have never been able to handle stress in my life. Basically, I have stuffed it down inside, whatever it may be, until it would hit my body. In most cases this was work situations and once the stress built up I would have to leave and “get better”. The last job I left was last February (2011) and I was having all the symtoms of Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. I was able to handle the Chronic Fatigue with Maca but I still kept on having flare ups of pain all over my body. This is what I did….After researching information about premature births and what could be expected, I found first EFT, then TLT and finally faster EFT. Faster EFT worked with the pain just by joining in with the Videos on Youtube. The first day I went through 40 videos and everytime something came up I could relate to I followed the person on the video. By the next morning the pain was gone and I was able to do my fitness tapes. (I’m a fitness tape addict and haven’t been able to do anything but look at them since the pain made me exhausted and I would have to pay for the pleasure of working out). The next day I followed along with another 40 videos and I started to feel as if endorphins were going through my system. I just bought the I,II & III training because I’m the kind of person with an enquiring mind that needs to know everything and am looking forward to healing myself to the degress that I will be able to handle stress. This is the 5th day and I am having waves of happiness bubbling up inside me. I have no pain and I can exercise. I can’t wait for my Faster EFT videos. I want to use this training to help my family. Thank you with all my being and Peace to all, Fiona