Eutaptics Stress Management Tips for Better Living

Stress is an unavoidable fact of life, but being stressed out isn’t. We have no control over the environments we are in, the only thing we can control is our mental environment.

Which is in fact the most underestimated component of stress management. We cannot control everything that may cause us stress but we can control our stress responses to allow the body to recover on a daily basis.

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Why Do We Need Stress Management?

Without allowing the body to recover from moderate to high level stress, we expose ourselves to greater risks involving a lengthy list of physical illnesses.

Stress is the forerunner of about 80% of all clinical illnesses. Besides reactions that appears to be mental hazardous, physical symptoms are also obviously creating impact on one’s physical health. ua

Our judgment and emotions become easily stirred by stress leading to so many other life problems. In the long run, a person may feel overwhelmed leading to chronic stress disorder.

While there is no doubt that Eutaptics is the most effective technique in providing lasting resolution to stress, we have summed up the following tips on how an individual can manage stress.

1. Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing does not only calm the mind, it is a key to release tension building throughout the body caused by stress. Stress response automatically alters our breathing without our conscious knowledge.

When stressed, we breath more shallow and forget to breath calmly coming from the diaphragm. If you consciously change your breathing patterns when feeling stressed, you can help your circulatory system provide more oxygen to your blood.

Moreover, deep mindful breathing can also immediately slow down your heart rate and put your body on a calm state.

Tapping using the Eutaptics technique can help you achieve this with a more lasting effect. As you tap through your meridian points, you can easily command your body to reset and recover. Please click here to learn more about the meridian points tapped in FasterEFT.

2. Visualize Calmness

Visualization can do the trick most of the time to get the mind to calm. It can reduce stress by inducing calming thoughts through visualization process. You can imagine staring in the ocean or visualize yourself in a hot shower.

You may close your eyes ant take three long deep breaths and begin imagining you are in your happy place. Focus on the details, like really imagining seeing, hearing and smelling your surroundings.

The problem with visualization though is it can be a bit difficult to apply when you are in the heat of the moment. That is why Eutaptics tapping can help visualization or in most cases surpass the effects of visualization.

When tapping using Eutaptics you can reset your body’s stress responses as you go through tapping across the recommended meridian points. Moreover, through tapping using Eutaptics tapping style you can reprogram or rewire the memories that are causing you to perceive and react to a particular stressful situation.

3. Activate Mental Healing

Stress is not an illness, what you can develop when always exposed to stressful situations is called chronic stress disorder. While chronic stress disorder often has invisible symptoms, the complications that may result from it is far more alarming. Chronic stress is a known major contributor for a wide spectrum of cardiovascular illnesses, including CVA, MI, aneurism and many more.

To activate mental healing and allow the body to recover during moderate to severe stress episodes. Mental healing through Eutaptics goes beyond symptoms, it can teach you to truly hack through the mind and manipulate your mental resources to remain focus and calm.

4. Try Homeopathy Combined with Eutaptics

Homeopathy has been pushed over the last two centuries as one of most effective methods of resolving chronic stress. The reason Eutaptics technique complements homeopathy very well is because mental symptoms of the patient are given utmost importance.

Just like Eutaptics, constitutional treatment in homeopathy is a combination of understanding how the mind works and the psychology behind stress responses.

5. Reimprint Toxic Beliefs

To truly manage stress, memory reimprinting is very important. Contrary to initial understanding of the term, memory reimprinting does not involve erasing a person’s memory.

It is a highly-specialized technique that allows an individual to release the emotions carried by a memory to reduce its intensity. Doing so, the mind will naturally resolve into not utilizing your good mental resources to maintain focus.

Preventing Stress Overload

Stress overload or chronic stress disorder can create damages in one’s life, it can cause relationships to fail, underperformance at work and feelings of discontentment. But the most serious effects of chronic stress actually reside within its direct effects on the physical body because it can disrupt nearly any normal bodily functions including immune system responses.

Stress is a major forerunner to most illnesses associated with reproductive health, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and speed up the aging process because it does not allow the body enough time to rebuild tissues and cellular recovery.

That is why as we progress in this modern lifestyle, we need to really identify stress overload or chronic stress.

The following are signs and symptoms of stress overload:

1. Problems with Memory

A person suffering even from mild chronic stress will start to develop problems with memorization or begin to become forgetful. This is because stress does not allow the brain to recover and the flood of stress hormones within the nervous system can alter communications between the neurons.

2. Constant Worrying

A stressed individual often get caught up in the “worry mindset,” as mentioned earlier the brain does poorly in identifying real life threatening episodes and mild stressors. As the mind continues to perceive and adapt to negative mindsets, it will continuously create unrealistic worries. For the person under chronic stress, it feels like the things that provoke worries are real.

3. Inability to Focus

A person suffering from stress overload cannot focus because there is a part of the brain continues to signal “danger,” causing other mental resources to the be drawn away from what is important.

4. Anxiety Attacks

As chronic stress progress, an individual may begin to experience anxiety attacks and feelings of overwhelm and agitation. This can begin from mild to moderate attacks or can be something more debilitating causing the person to lose total control over regular situations.

5. Adapting to Negative Mindsets

As stress, continuous to take over cognitive functions of the mind. A person who is suffering from chronic stress may always react on every situation in negativity. Because of this, stress can cause them to underperform at work or be unable to hold their jobs and function normally within their social communities.

6. Poor Judgement

An individual’s judgement is directly affected by the flexibility of his or her mind. When the mind’s cognitive functions become aggravated due to stress, the person’s judgement begins to dwindle and form mental patterns that would automatically want to avoid any other experience.

7. Depression and Unhappiness

It is very difficult for a person who is suffering from stress overload to feel happy. Stress can easily drain the body’s energy resources causing muscles to tense and blood flow compromised. Depression due to lack of accomplishments and broken relationships are very noticeable to people suffering chronic stress disorder.

8. Irritability and Anger

As the mind begins to see nothing but negativity, it can give rise to formation of mental patterns that causes anger, rage and resentment. Once the mind’s cognitive functions are compromised, the emotional balance of the person will definitely begin to dwindle.

9. Body Aches and Pains

Although the person suffering from chronic stress disorder is not exposed to extreme physical activities, they will begin to show physical symptoms of muscle aches and pains. This is because the muscles become extremely tensed as adrenaline and cortisol floods the bloodstream.

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