Critical Steps in Building Stress Resilience That Lasts

Stress is the major precursor of most illnesses and it is the cause of major life problems. Managing simple to complex stress has been the aim of Eutaptics. A system designed to allow people to truly be aware of what is causing them stress, overcome it and provide lasting resilience.

Building resilience to stress is complex and can be a little tough. However, this does not mean it is impossible. Here are critical steps in building resilience to stress, the ideas behind the steps are found within the Eutaptics system, the number one stressbusting modality today. Nevertheless, it does not mean you have to subscribe to the entire idea, you will be surprised how practical the tips are within the list below.

1. Maintaining and Forming Relationships and Connections

Having a solid group of friends or inner circle can help you a lot in building resilience to stress. Your tribe must be made up of like-minded individuals who understands you and support you.

Good relationships are critical to improving your mental health and physical health. While you get support make sure that you give it too and genuinely care. This is the secret to building a sustainable network.

2. Regular Exercise

Exercise can induce release of feel good hormones while it also improves circulation. When stress hits us, our bodies are flooded by torrents of stress hormones and exercise can help flush them out of our system through sweating. Moreover, exercise can be help you mentally distracted from things that are making you feel stressed, a walk in the park for example or even just a short yoga session.

The problem arise when the motivation to exercise is missing. Eutaptics can help you not only eradicate stress from its roots but improve your motivation to engage in physically healthy activities. It is a system that can help you reprogram the mind to be intrinsically motivated to exercise.

3. Relaxation

Relaxation is probably the easiest word to say in stress management yet the hardest to execute. Here’s why. Our bodies are obedient to the mind, if the mind is cluttered and constantly firing our stress response programs it would be very difficult for the body to recuperate.

Sadly, stress response system can go on even during sleep. In other words, the body may appear to be resting, but in reality, what happens within is still the constant production of stress hormones and the mind continues to be in turmoil.

To really get to a relaxed state takes practice, Eutaptics tapping through the suggested acupressure points is one of the most efficient way to put the body into a relaxed state it allows the mind to “let go” of the mental programs causing stress while also stopping physical stress responses.

4. Find Time to Have Fun

A few minutes or an hour devoted to having fun can positively impact your life. When you genuinely have fun, you stop mental programs contributing to stress responses and you allow the body to recuperate.  Make an effort to find time to do fun activities, it can be from 15 minute to an hour.

Do not feel guilty that if you have fun you are taking your focus away from things that matters. This is a tricky way of thinking. It is a way how “stress” talks us into giving in. Don’t let stress win. The best thing to do is collapse this mental programming using Eutaptics. When you do, you will discover that having fun does not mean you are neglecting things that matters most.

5. Collapse Negative Mindsets

Similar to what was mentioned in the previous point, stress is a mindset. In many cases stress is caused by compounded negative mindsets that contributes to the whole spectrum of negative mindsets. It is very difficult to stay positive amidst the stressful events that happens in our lives.

But mindsets can be manipulated, reimprinted and transformed. They are not permanent although they are seemingly fixed in nature. No one came to this life experience and can claim that their mindsets are fixed from birth. In other words mindsets are formed by memories through collective experiences since we were born, thus it is impermanent in nature.

To change a negative mindset, you need to locate the primary imprint that supports this mental programming. For example, experiencing hate towards a person. There must be an imprint that relates that person to react with hate. Hate, anger, jealousy and other negative emotions that provokes a stressed state cannot exist without memories giving rise to them.

In Eutaptics, once the imprint has been located, you can reimprint it by releasing the emotions it carries and then transform the experience into something more joyful and aligned with worthy thoughts.

6. Taking Responsibility of Your Own Life Experience

No other person in this world has the ability to produce stress for yourself but yourself.

Some people find this truth to be difficult to accept. Most people have subscribed to the victim mindset. That people around them, their families, work, community or even government is producing stress. But it isn’t so.

The precursor of all our problems begins with the mind. Taking responsibility and admitting that you did create your problems and everything that revolves around it causing stressed takes you a step closer to resolution than blaming the person next to you.

We produce problems because of the memories or imprints that supports the structure of our mental programming.

We are used to problems. In fact, some people cannot imagine life to be away from problems. The problem mindset has caused them to believe it is part of living. But this isn’t so. Take responsibility and change your story. Start with Eutaptics.

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