8 Tips in Life that Lead to Happiness

Are you tired of being caught up in the cycle of drama that leads to unhappiness? Most life management systems out there claim to have mapped out happiness in life.

But let’s face the fact, most of them are only leaning towards spiritual understanding and forget to deliver the knowledge of architecture of happiness from within the mind.

Spiritual understanding of happiness is undeniably important. That is why FasterEFT is bound to spiritual understanding based on the core teachings of happiness and compassion.

Nonetheless, to achieve total happiness in life, one must also consider the wisdom wing of these two polarities in understanding life. The wisdom wing is as important as the spiritual wing.

It is the path into truly understanding how the mind works, for everything is mind and happiness is a state that relies completely on mind.

If you want to truly be happy you need to first accept that fact that it is your destiny to be happy. Happiness is a state of realization, it is not an occurrence. Meaning, happiness is a mental programming, it has to be nurtured in order to be sustained.

The following are 8 tips in life that lead to happiness:

1. What will make you happy?

When you ask yourself, what will make you happy, do not just focus on the long-term idea of happiness. Life is an unfolding process, you can tap into this very rich vein of happiness if you choose happiness over unhappiness in every momentary life experience.

You would be amazed that when you choose to act towards what will make you happy, although it may seem indirectly related to your long-term goal it makes a great contribution to it.

2. Map the source of unhappiness

We are all equipped with emotional compass. Directing your emotional compass means that when you recognize that your actions are not aligned with your emotions, you are probably not doing something right.

Eutaptics is a great system that can collapse your negative thought structure in just about anything that you do. It gives you power to locate where in your mind is the source of unhappy thoughts towards any particular subject.

3. Surround yourself with happy people

Happiness is contagious. This means so much more than what people actually understand it for. In reality, what is truly contagious is mindsets.

Happy people’s mindsets can easily change your own way of thinking about life. The more you surround yourself with happy and positive people, your negative perception and negative thoughts can slowly diminish.

However, it is difficult because we are already programmed to function in a particular environment. That is why Eutaptics can help you achieve happiness by giving you the proper knowledge on how you can shield yourself from being affected by unhappy people and also to train a happy brain.

4. Focus on the source of the problem

In Eutaptics the source of the problem is given much more emphasis and not the problem. When the focus is on the problem, what happens is you will produce more of it. Best that the focus is on the source of the problem. How is that done?

Eutaptics is a memory manipulation and at the same time a mental healing system. It is designed to locate where the cycle of your problems is plugged.

In other words, if you are always problematic about money and finances a memory that is supercharged in your deeper consciousness might be the source of your financial problems.

To reimprint the memories means you can release the emotions carried by the problem so it is no longer produced and reproduced over and over.

5. Start a Happy Journal

A happy journal is one of the integral part of Eutaptics System. The purpose of the happy journal is for you to be able to train a happy brain by getting in the habit of choosing to feel good all the time.

Bad events and those related to trauma and pain are often remembered and actively used by the mind as a filter or an integral structure in formulating a reaction. A happy journal consists of 5 main parts, please click here to learn how to make one today for free.

6. Find time to laugh

What makes you laugh? Find a few minutes a day to engage in such an activity. Whether it is watching a YouTube video, talking to some friends or watching a TV show.

Laughing of course is not really synonymous to happiness. But laughter can help you clear negative energy within your head and release them.

As you go through a busy schedule day in and day out. Simple joys like laughing for a few seconds may be absent and this can cause your mind to inhabit negative trances wherein your negative behavior is rooted from.

7. Keep being healthy

Health is the driving force of happiness. A healthy body is the house of healthy mind. And this rings true to the fact that unhealthy bodies are created by unhealthy minds. Keep an active lifestyle and be intrinsically motivated to keep it.

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